Dr Peter M Roessler

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Initial Visit
This visit usually takes at least 30 minutes during which you will be questioned regarding your problem and medical history, a gynaecological examination will be performed and relevant tests (e.g. Pap Smear) are ordered. A plan will be made and options will be discussed with you.

Subsequent Visit
This visit usually takes 15 minutes and reviews any test results and assess the outcomes of any treatment that was undertaken.

Antenatal Visit
This visit takes around 15 minutes and includes an examination of the pregnancy and testing of the blood pressure and urine. Any planning is discussed and implemented.

This visit usually takes 30 minutes and involves a detailed inspection of the cervix with a special telescope. It may also be necessary to take a small biopsy (piece of tissue) at the time and this will be explained to you if required.

IUCD Insertion
This visit takes around 30 minutes and is never done as part of an initial consultation. Whilst it is an unpleasant procedure, most women prefer to have it done without an anaesthetic, and although we recommend having someone to drive you home afterwards, this is not essential.

Antenatal Education
This personalised visit takes around 60 minutes and is conducted by one of the qualified midwives. Whilst it is aimed primarily at women having their first baby, all women may use this service to clarify any issues. Support crew are encouraged to attend.

Lactation Support
This individual service can only be offered during business hours (although most people feel as though it is necessary at all other times) by one of the qualified midwives who can help with feeding and settling issues.


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