Dr Peter M Roessler


A pregnancy is an exciting time for you and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of this event.

My priority is to be able to attend to you during your labour and be present at every delivery whether it be day or night. However, despite every effort being made to accomplish this, it sometimes may not be possible. Should I be unavailable for any reason and it is inappropriate for the midwife at the hospital to deliver you unassisted then I will ensure that another Obstetrician is available.

Likewise, although every attempt will be made to see you at the appointed time of your visit, an Obstetrician's commitments are such that occasionally there may be considerable delays. The most common cause of delay is a delivery during a consulting session. Sometimes it may be necessary to have a visit with a practice Midwife should it be inconvenient for you to make another appointment.

After Hours

Just like you, I appreciate time off to spend with my family. I thus participate in a weekend arrangement to give Dr Borozdina and Dr Buckland some time off as well, and they reciprocate for me. Dr Buckland also covers any periods of leave I have planned. On very rare occasions I may have other locum doctors covering my practice.

Contacting Us

My office phone number is 03 5441 7888 and I can be reached through this number during office hours. Out of hours I (or whoever may be covering for me) can always be contacted through St John of God Bendigo Hospital (SJGBH) on 03 5434 3422. It is preferable that you contact this surgery in the first instance during work hours as we may well be able to solve any problems over the phone. Your GP should still be available for conditions unrelated to the pregnancy and may be contacted as required.

Antenatal Visits

Antenatal visits are usually every 4-6 weeks from 12 to 28 weeks, every 2-3 weeks until 38 weeks, then weekly until you deliver your baby. At each visit I will check your blood pressure, examine your abdomen for the baby’s growth and position and listen to the baby’s heart beat. You will be asked to bring your antenatal record sheet with you for every visit. There is no one appointment to develop a “Birth Plan”, rather we will discuss issues relevant to the pregnancy and its management on an ongoing basis, and develop a plan for the baby’s arrival over the course of the pregnancy.


Antenatal classes are held at SJGBH and are encouraged for all our patients. The midwives here are also more than happy to offer their experience and knowledge and welcome any questions you may have. Additional activities such as antenatal aqua aerobics, young parenting support, lactation support services and social workers are available.

Practice Midwives

During your pregnancy you will meet the midwives who are employed at this practice. They are qualified nurses/midwives, with a vast degree of experience in midwifery and Women’s Health. They are available weekdays and will assist me with your antenatal care. They will meet you at your initial booking appointment and again at around 37 weeks of your pregnancy for an extended labour education session. At times, I may be called away from the rooms to deliver another women or for emergencies, so if you are agreeable, the midwives may see you for that antenatal visit. If any concerns arise they will always consult with me, and I certainly will endeavour to see you at each visit. They will also be available for general information, education, test results, breast-feeding education and counselling. If you do not wish to see a midwife please inform me.


All women are advised to have vaccination in each pregnancy against Whooping Cough, regardless of when they had their last one. Additionally, if it is the “flu season” women are advised to have a vaccination. We maintain stocks of vaccines for both Whooping Cough and Influenza and these can simply be given during one of your scheduled appointments without any additional charge. We also maintain stocks of AntiD for those women who are Rhesus negative.